15 unique gifts for teachers to grab before the year is over

Show your kid’s teacher you care with these thoughtful gifts.

The school year is quickly running out. With just weeks to go until that bell gives a final ring, it’s time to start thinking about year-end teacher gifts. After all, teachers do a lot: they educate our kids and inspire them to be the best version of themselves, often creating a home away from home for students.

Most teachers agree that the best gifts are the personalized ones with meaning. But if you need a few suggestions, we’ve curated 15 unique teacher gifts that educators will love.

Teachers love personalized presents, and what’s more personal than having your kid fill out all of the best memories of the year? This book contains prompts and fill-in-the-blanks for one of the most memorable and touching gifts yet.
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With the summer months ahead, it can be hard to remember the brutal cold teachers suffer through during winter recess. Show your teacher you see them with these rechargeable hand warmers, which instantly help heat cold hands during outdoor duties.


Teachers are always making notes, so why not gift them a notepad that makes them smile every time they use it? This set of four is perfectly themed for teachers with its fun font and colourful pencil, and you can personalize it with up to 18 characters.


Teachers go through a lot, and they need to decompress at the end of a long day, too. Unfortunately, with after-school commitments, meetings and marking, they don’t always have time for self-care. These shower steamers can help, at least, by transforming their evening shower into an aromatherapy experience.
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If you have multiple teachers to buy for and want to give them something more personalized without breaking the bank, these apple charm bracelets are a great idea. They come in different colours and with a sweet message that shows how much you appreciate the time they took with your kid this past year.


Teachers always carry things around — books, notepads, special items for the class. Help them set their room up next year in style with this cute tote with a special message. Bonus points if you fill it with candy or a surprise gift card.


Now that the teacher in your life is looking forward to a few weeks of unwinding, some facial masks may be the perfect gift. This cute set features five types of masks in colourful bottles and covers all skin types. They’re a nice little beauty treat that teachers can also tuck into an overnight bag, making them a thoughtful and practical gift.
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If you have a teacher who loves reading (or one with a sense of humour), this thriller by popular author Freida McFadden could be a fun and unique pick. The story is filled with psychological twists and a narrator who keeps you guessing right up to the end, in typical McFadden style.


Teachers balance a lot of stuff but don’t always have the hands to do so well. These little wristlets are great because they can hold small items like hand sanitizer, lip balm, and cards. They can also attach to a lanyard without adding too much weight, making them a great teacher pick.
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Teachers tend to drink a lot of tea and coffee, but they probably already have a bunch of best teacher mugs. So why not go the other way with a standout mug they’ll want to display on their desk at home or school? This handbag-shaped mug has a saucer for snacks and doubles as a sassy decoration when not in use.
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These cute boards are great for classrooms, making them a cute but unique gift. Teachers can personalize them for special occasions, lessons or birthdays, and they come in various colours to suit different personalities. Customize a special thank you message for an extra special touch before you gift it!


These cute bags are great for holding everything from pens and pencils to makeup, paper clips, and snacks. A teacher could proudly display one on their desk or throw it in a bag or purse for extra organization.


Plants and flowers are always sweet gifts, especially for teachers who want to spruce up their home or patio for the coming season. Don’t just grab a generic pot, though: put your flowers or plant into a cute planter, like this perfectly themed option with extra special meaning.
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Teachers are just as — if not more — excited as your kids are that summer vacation is finally here. Help Teach celebrate with a themed summer candle from Bath & Body Works. Made with natural essential oils and designed to burn for up to 45 hours, this one smells like a summer boardwalk, with sweet cream and caramel popcorn notes.


Sometimes, the best gift is letting a teacher pick for themselves. Amazon gift cards are practical because teachers can use them toward needed classroom items they might otherwise have to pay for themselves. But teachers can also use them for coveted items or things they might need, making these cards the ultimate gift.

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