Highway 3 twinning begins in Taber

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Highway 3 twinning begins in Taber
WATCH: The provincial government has a better idea of when phase one of the Highway 3 twinning project between Taber and the hamlet of Burdett will be complete. As Brandon Cassidy reports, many hope the twinning will reduce the number of serious accidents that have taken place there over the years – May 31, 2024

The province says that the twinning project for Highway 3 between Taber, Alta., and Burdett as project is now officially underway but is starting late, having already hit a few bumps so far.

Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors Devin Dreeshen remains confident in the crews.

“Once you start sending out tenders and digging in the dirt things can slow down,” explained Dreeshen, “but the construction guys working with the department are making sure that the end date is the same.”

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Highway 3 has developed a reputation for being dangerous, with numerous head-on collisions in recent years.  But the focus Friday was on the economic impact of a twinned highway. Bill Chapman, an executive on the Highway Three Twinning Association, has been pushing for this project for some time now.

“This is really a fulfillment of all our dreams here in Southern Alberta,” Chapman explained, “is to see Highway 3 fully twinned, mainly because of the increase in economic development here in the province.

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“For every dollar that the province invests into the twinning of Highway 3 will see the three dollars return in economic activity.”

Taber to Burdett is the first phase of eight. Minister Dreeshen knows there’s a long way to go but believes in the project’s long-term goals.

“It’s great to see the construction started this spring and like I said, hopefully we can get this completed by the fall of 2025.”

Crews are hopeful for continued favourable conditions.

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