Weekly Ontario lottery player scores big after playing for almost 10 years

A Toronto man who has played the lottery weekly in Ontario for almost 10 years has scored his first big win.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. (OLG) said in a news release Thursday that Tuisko Buchholz, who works as a consultant, won $2 million in the May 8 Ontario 49 draw.

Buchholz had purchased a subscription for Ontario 49 on, the Crown corporation said.

“I received an email from OLG and at first, I didn’t think there was anything special about it,” Buchholz said in the release.

“I checked the OLG app, and I was shocked. I had to double check it to make sure it was real.”

Etobicoke resident Tuisko Buchholz won $2 million in the May 8 Ontario 49 draw. Handout / OLG

Buchholz has been a weekly lottery player with the OLG for nearly 10 years, the release said.

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One he realized he was a big winner, he woke up his wife to tell her the news, noting she was “pleasantly surprised.”

“It feels like a breath of fresh air. I always knew there was the potential to win, but I never expected a win like this,” he said.

Buchholz said he’ll seek advice from a financial advisor, adding that “this is no doubt a wonderful opportunity to get ahead as a family.”

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