Global National: Feb. 8

A city bus driver in Laval, Quebec has been charged with murder after the vehicle crashed into a daycare, killing two children and injuring six more. The suspicions this was not an accident, what witnesses are saying about the driver, Pierre Ny St-Amand, and what's known about him. Families in Syria and Turkey are anxiously waiting to see loved ones rescued from the rubble of crumbled buildings, while struggling to stay warm without shelter during the bitter winter weather. Jackson Proskow reports from Adana, Turkey, where crews are scrambling to help as many people as possible. Plus: the sparks of hope in both countries as some children are pulled from the wreckage alive; and the logistic and diplomatic difficulties in providing aid to war-torn Syria. Global News has now seen evidence suggesting the Prime Minister's Office was looking into China's alleged attempts to interfere in Canada's democratic process as early as 2017, well before the 2019 federal election. What documents show. And Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy makes a surprise visit to the United Kingdom, and receives a hero's welcome.