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Your Canada

Global National is asking for your help ending each night’s broadcast with our “Your Canada” segment.

If there’s a place in our country you love – it could be almost anywhere or anything, whether it be somewhere you live now, somewhere you grew up, a landmark, a statue, or one of Canada’s hidden gems – please let us know about it by snapping a photo.

You can e-mail photos to


  • Please send the large, original, high-resolution photo. Pictures should be horizontal and at least 1920 pixels wide.
  • We prefer to see one-of-a-kind buildings, structures, sculptures: something that is unique to your community. Scenic shots are acceptable as well, but please make sure there is something distinguishable about them.
  • Tell us where you took the photo. If you have multiple pictures, don’t worry – you can send as many photos as you like and we may choose one to put on the air.
  • Please don’t Photoshop the photos or put filters on the images. We like seeing “Your Canada” as it is.
  • By submitting your image(s) to ‘Your Canada’, you hereby grant Corus Entertainment and its affiliates a non-revocable, sub-licensable, worldwide license to use the image(s) in perpetuity, in any format, on any of our platforms. You acknowledge that you are the copyright owner and permanently waive any payments or royalties for use of the image(s). You also give permission for Corus Entertainment and its affiliates worldwide to use the image(s) in any derivative work in any format, on any platform, and waive any moral rights therein.

Keep watching Global National because your snapshot could help us showcase Your Canada.

Here are some of our favourite “Your Canada” submissions.

Your Canada-Chantry Island ON Feb 26 Your Canada-Winnipeg Feb3 Your Canada-Kluane Ntl Park YT Sep 2 Your Canada-Calgary Mar 8