How to refinish your old deck in a single weekend

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Summer in Canada means long, warm evenings and eating those freshly cooked burgers al fresco, often with friends and family. But if you’re reluctant to host get-togethers on the patio because your deck is looking less-than-presentable thanks to the wear and tear of ice and heavy spring rains, you’ll want to do a refresh. Here’s a roundup of great items to get that deck refinished yourself, quickly and easily–it’s totally doable over a weekend if your deck is an average size.


Giving your deck a basic prep clean is as easy as grabbing the garden hose and this sturdy scrub brush–and putting in a bit of elbow grease! Yes, you have to work at it a bit, but the results are great! The synthetic, heavy-duty bristles and curved head allow for different angles of attack. Fits any standard threaded handle or Unger HydroPower pole (sold separately).
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If you decide water and a scrub brush are not enough, or there are lots of heavy stains on your deck, a blast of oxygenate bleach may be on the menu. It’s an effective way to remove dirt, grime and weathered greying, and reviewers say the container is more than enough to clean an entire deck. If you’re concerned about kids and pets, this powder won’t harm wood fibres, grass or most plants.


Take care of those trouble spots or give the whole thing a once-over with this compact palm sander. We found it super easy to use, and very light as well, so it wasn’t tiring. Features quick-change sanding papers (via a hook and loop attachment system) and high-performance dust collection to keep things smooth and clean. Note: we recommend you don’t wash the deck again after sanding, so as not to raise the wood grain.


For those big jobs, save time and back strain with this large, durable brush directed by any standard threaded pole. Its wide body makes coverage a snap, while its soft bristles deliver your chosen product into every nook and cranny of the exposed wood.
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For all the small jobs and detail work to finish up your project. A mix of angled and flat brushes, this set of five has you covered, especially if you’re picky about reaching every last inch of the deck. Get your gleam on!


This stuff is a fan favourite for a reason. The water resistant, stainable wood filler makes any unsightly knicks, gouges and deep scratches disappear with ease. Fill the damaged space, let dry and follow up with a light sand and the surface is ready for your selected stain.


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