Mother’s Day 2024: 10 gadgets for modern moms

Browse our tech-themed gift guide to find the perfect Mother's Day present.

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Modern moms thrive on terrific tech. The perfect gadget can empower the materfamilias in your life to accomplish more at work, relish cozy evenings on the couch, or simply keep her cup of tea warm. So, whether you’re her child or her partner, prepare to invest a few minutes in finding the perfect gift for the woman who spent the best years of her life helping you become the person you are today.

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Not everyone downs their daily caffeine in a matter of minutes. Moms who prefer to savour their morning joe will love the Ember Mug 2, a smart mug with customizable temperature control lasting up to 90 minutes. Just set the heat between 50 and 62.5 degrees Celsius, and every single sip will have the exact same warmth. Jack in the included charger coaster and your cup will keep warm all day.
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Otterbox delivers both beauty and brawn in its Symmetry cases for iPhones. Available in eight patterned designs—ranging from a spacy, sparkly pink checkerboard to sophisticated florals—the Symmetry is tough as nails, tested to withstand three times as many drops as military standard. And it works with both wireless and MagSafe charging pads, so no need to worry about buying a new charger.


Used by professionals but priced low enough for consumer consideration, the Nix Mini 3 is a colourimeter; a device that works with a smartphone app to scan the colour of an object and instantly find its match within a database of more than 200K brand name paints and a full range of digital colour values. It’s perfect for home decor, photography, fashion, and just plain fun.


Ereaders keep getting fancier (and more expensive), but Kobo keeps it simple with the Clara 2E. Its six-inch screen and feathery 170g mass means it’s exceptionally portable, and its waterproof design and ComfortLight Pro illumination system make it a perfect companion for afternoon pools and evening campfires. And with support for WiFi and Bluetooth, storage for up to 12,000 books, and public library borrowing features built in, it’s hard to see what more you could ask for in a low-priced ereader.
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We robbed our moms of countless hours of sleep when we were babies (some of us as teens, too—you know who you are). The least we can do now is pay them back with Philips SmartSleep, a bedside lamp that helps develop healthy sleep routines by creating simulated sunset and sunrise light patterns. You can also choose from a selection of calming wake-up sounds and lighting options to help establish a stress-free, positive-energy morning ambience.


Smart pens—used to send notes and drawings made with ink on paper to your phone or tablet—are typically more functional than fashionable, but Moleskine brings an element of style to the table with its elegant black Ellipse. It requires one of the Italian company’s trendy notebooks to work, but let’s be honest, would you want to use anything less than a Moleskine journal with a pen like this?
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Logitech’s Combo Touch is pretty much the best keyboard/case combo available for Apple’s flagship 12.9-inch iPad Pro (and significantly more affordable than Apple’s own Magic Keyboard). The board is backlit and includes a touchpad for a truly laptop-like experience. It attaches to a case that protects the device’s edges from drop impacts and is equipped with a fully adjustable kickstand. It even has a cutout at the top so you can magnetically attach an Apple Pencil.
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Has your mom been using the same toaster since the day you were born? Upgrade her to a Revolution InstaGLO and you’ll knock her socks off. Use its touch screen to select between six bread types, three toasting modes, and seven toasting shades. Add the optional Toastie Press accessory and she’ll be able to make perfect paninis, quesadillas, and grilled cheeses in minutes.


That we need to charge our gadgets is both an unavoidable fact and a major drag. But you can make mom’s charging routine significantly less lame with this stylish 2-in-1 charger for iPhones and iPods. The sleek and minimalist steel design looks great anywhere, and the magnetic phone charger doubles as a stand—great for watching TV and nightstand clock duty.



One of the great banes of modern adulthood is dentists explaining to us how we’re brushing our teeth wrong. You can save your mom from this fate with this smart toothbrush from Philips. It’s equipped with a tracking sensor that guides you back to missed spots and lets you know whether you’re brushing too hard. It even connects with an app that provides a 3D map of your mouth and coaches you by evaluating your brushing technique.
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