New year, new you: Our guide to organization and a fresh start in 2024

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As we embark on a New Year ahead, it’s a popular time to give your home a thorough purge and declutter.

Many people set new intentions and focus on letting go of items that no longer serve them or are necessary to store in their home. While so beneficial, this process can be easy to start yet hard to finish.

Here are 5 easy steps to help you get started and motivated to finish.

Declutter one space at a time

Out with the old, in with the new!

When creating a space that speaks to you and supports your current lifestyle you must first declutter. We all have items sitting around that we no longer need or use anymore. Use a pile sorting system of 3s to assist with the process (keep, donate, garbage).

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Don’t forget that creating physical space in your home also leads to mental and emotional space too – they are all interconnected! The most important step here is to actually clear the clutter – donate, use junk removal services, or give to family or friends.

Appointment calendar with flower cover
It is essential that you use a calendar to write down when you are going to be decluttering, and for how long. You truly need to add it to your planner as if it is an important appointment or business meeting.


The pile making process becomes a lot easier when you have physical boxes ready to go. Place your donations inside immediately after you decide if you are going to keep or donate the item.
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Create a system

If your belongings do not have a specific place to live in your home, things will always feel out of control.

Create a system in your home to help you and your family know where items are and know where to put them back. Systems that work well for most families include using organizing products that are versatile and neutral, labeling items, and having rules such as ‘don’t put it down, put it away’.


These baskets are neutral to align with the already existing interior of most homes. These can serve as baskets to collect toys, fold clothes, roll towels or throw, collect clutter in a mudroom or entry way, etc.


Using clear bins can be a huge gamechanger as it allows you to see what you have, give parameters to your space, and can truly aid in eliminating over-purchasing. Great for storing pantry/food items, cleaners, toys, clothes, shoes, home essentials, laundry supplies, etc.
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The act of labeling your belongings in all areas of the home acts as an accountability partner. It reminds you and your family where to find items and where to return them. This is an easy-to-use label maker that gets the job done.


Add beauty

Our environments have a profound impact on our mental, emotional and physical health which is why it is so important to set up your space accordingly.

Without cluttering your space, how can you implement items that are meaningful to you – plants and flowers, candles, pictures of the family, etc.

Decorate your mantel, table or bookshelf with neutral vases. Versatile statement pieces can add so much beauty and possibilities to your space.
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There’s also a small donut vase ($29.99) and an upside down U vase ($24.99)


Fresh or fake plants can add so much beauty and life to your space. This plantar is designed and made in Canada.


No maintenance required, and brings green life, freshness and warmth to your living space all year round. Works perfect for the plantar pot above.


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Maintain and shopping habits

The goal is to keep your home organized throughout the entirety of 2024. In order to remain clutter-free, you need to reassess your shopping patterns.

This is actually how clutter is accumulated – at the point of purchase! Making sure that you are only buying in bulk if you actually use in bulk, that items you buy have a return policy, you are not being lured into buying things on sale even if you do not need them.


Keep track of household inventory, management, and organization, so you know what is in the household stock and you will avoid unnecessary purchases.


Use these dry erase calendars to plan your days and to-do list for each week. When your to-do list is on the fridge – you and your family are reminded of ‘what’s on the go’ multiple times a day!
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Megan is a home organization expert and the founder of H:OM ORGANIZING. She regularly appears on Global News Morning Toronto sharing her tips and tricks.

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