Stocking stuffers for kids that aren’t candy

Surprise your kid this Christmas with fun and useful stocking stuffers.

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If Santa is visiting your house this holiday season, you’re probably racking your brains over what to stuff into those stockings.

The holidays are already filled with treats, so you may choose to limit the candy–but that doesn’t mean you want to buy gifts that end up unused.

Avoid the sugar rush with these memorable and fun stocking stuffers for kids.


Projects always make for great stocking stuffers, and these Foil Fun kits fit that bill. Yes, they are the most expensive item on our list, but they come in various themes and include everything your children needs for hours of artistic play. These award-winning packs are also great for developing critical skills like hand-eye coordination and creative expression.
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What’s better than stickers in a stocking? Stickers that you can write on, of course. These cute, animal-shaped sticky notes make for a cute gift idea. Plus, they come in a six-pack, which makes them easy to split up between multiple kids’ stockings.



Bath time is always more fun with accessories. This Moo Moo Bath Co. bath bomb trio is perfect for kids, thanks to its candy cane scent.



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Why wait until the summer to teach kids about plants when you can get their STEM skills fired up this holiday season? These cute planters help kids grow, cut and style their characters’ coifs. It’s an activity you can do together during the break.


If they’re fans of ‘The Bad Guys’ on Netflix, this book is the perfect stocking stuffer for them. The story follows a motley crew of animals as they learn to give instead of take–an important life lesson for kiddos.


If you can’t stand the smell of Play-Doh but want to get your kids something sensory for their stockings, these kinetic sand kits are great for kids over three. The sand sticks together, making it less likely to spill all over your floor. These kits also come with surprise glitter mix-ins that kids will love experimenting with.
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Card games like this deck of Super Mario UNO are always fun, especially when they’re themed to your child’s interest. This game features all of the Nintendo characters your kids know and love and includes a special Mario rule for bonus fun.


The toy you spent hours begging your parents to unravel as a kid is still popular with children today. Now, Slinkys come in multiple colours and materials, but there’s something nostalgic about Santa gifting the same metal kind you had back in the day.


Kids love nothing more than opening up a fresh pack of markers and getting creative. Crayola’s Pip-Squeaks are perfect for stockings, thanks to their slim design. They’re also washable, making them an excellent gift for kids of all ages.
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Lip balm remains a popular stocking stuffer for kids and adults alike. These days, there are all kinds of kid-friendly balms to choose from, including this Marvel set from Lip Smackers. It comes with four soothing lip balms, plus a lanyard so littles are less likely to lose them.
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