Explosives found by Saskatchewan RCMP in abandoned building

RCMP were informed by a local last week, of explosives in an abandoned, remote building in southeast Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan RCMP has located and safely disposed of explosives found in an abandoned building in southeast Saskatchewan.

The RCMP’s Explosives Disposal Unit (EDU) has responded to at least ten similar calls in 2023.

RCMP was informed by a local citizen last week of explosives in an abandoned remote building in southeast Saskatchewan. After investigation, a pair of explosives were found.

RCMP’s Sgt. Topping of the EDU team suspects the explosives were intended to be used for boulder busting or construction.

“It’s not that uncommon to locate abandoned explosives … some are quite old,” Topping said.

He warned residents not to touch explosives whenever they are found.

“Explosives are incredibly dangerous and may be unstable. Do not handle them; call your local police. They will contact the experts who have the skills and training to dispose of them safely.”

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