Cherryville, B.C. residents say potholes a safety issue

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Cherryville residents say potholes pose a safety issue
Cherryville residents say potholes pose a safety issue – Mar 7, 2023

Potholes are often an unfortunate side effect of spring, but Cherryville, B.C., residents say what they are dealing with is not just a nuisance but a safety hazard.

Residents are calling for more action to repair or replace the pitted and crumbling surface of Sugar Lake Road before someone gets hurt.

“The potholes are getting so deep that there is a lot of damage caused to vehicles and we are just worried about the safety of everybody,” said resident Lee Laviolette.

Fellow Sugar Lake Road resident Tim Staker said he slows down dramatically when driving the road to protect his vehicle.

“You’ve got to be all over the road to do that. That just increases the danger [when] people [are] drifting back and forth,” Staker said.
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Cherryville resident Connie Foisy said the rural road is also a school bus route.

“We’ve heard a few stories… that there has been a few close calls to head-on collisions from people swerving,” Foisy said.

A staff member for the road contracting company told Global News the business patches as it can, but patching is difficult until the snow clears and it’s currently the season when potholes are widespread.

Residents want to see patching done, but feel the road has deteriorated to the point it needs to be fully repaved.

“I’ve talked to the ministry a couple times and they keep just saying there is no money, no money, no money to fix anything. Something’s got to happen or there is going to be a serious accident,” Laviolette said.

In a statement, the provincial Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure said the “freeze-thaw cycles this winter have been particularly hard on paved surfaces.”

The government said two sections of Sugar Lake Rd. are scheduled for “road base repair and asphalt resurfacing” this year.

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“In the meantime, the contractor will be carrying out patching to ensure safe travel on the road,” the statement said.

“Sugar Lake Road is on the ministry’s priority list for future resurfacing.”

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