Councillors struggle with how to deal with Mayor Rob Ford’s crack scandal

ABOVE: Denzil Minnan-Wong speaks to reporters about his motion urging Mayor Rob Ford to cooperate with police. 

TORONTO – A day after Mayor Rob Ford’s admission of crack use left the city reeling, his colleagues at city hall – both friend and foe – are trying to figure out what happens now.

Surrounded by reporters at city hall Wednesday, former Ford ally Denzil Minnan-Wong urged colleagues to support his motion asking the mayor to step aside and cooperate with the ongoing police investigation.

“The right thing to do is for council to make a clear statement that the things that the mayor did was wrong: Writing letters of reference to criminals is wrong. Not cooperating with the police is wrong,” he said. “He has some problems that he needs to deal with that are hurting the city and he needs to take a leave of absence. Council needs to say that.”
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The mayor has already said he has no intention of stepping aside, and that his lawyer advised him not to talk to police. Minnan-Wong conceded that his motion may just be symbolic but added “symbolism is really important.”

“I can’t think of any other issue that has come before this council that is more important.”

WATCH: Councillor Jaye Robinson calls on Mayor Rob Ford to take a leave of absence. 

But it’s still unclear whether his motion will pass next week. Several senior members of council – including Adam Vaughan, Shelley Carroll and Jaye Robinson – have urged the mayor to resign. Josh Matlow sent a tweet Tuesday demanding as much.

But councillor Janet Davis wasn’t so sure: She supports John Fillion’s motion to strip the mayor of the ability to appoint people to committees but did not say whether she would support Minnan-Wong’s.

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VIDEO: Councillor Janet Davis breaks her silence on Rob Ford’s admission

“He is still in the role of mayor  and we have to look at how we deal with situation,” she said.

Karen Stintz wouldn’t say whether she’ll vote for either Minnan-Wong’s  motion or Fillion’s.

“[Mayor Rob Ford] is now asking us to forgive him and hold him accountable for his actions, which is what I intend to do.”

The mayor still has allies on city council: Giorgio Mammoliti released a statement Wednesday warning the public to “look out for a leftist coup.”

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“It will become a free for all and the agenda will be lost to the left; taxes will go up, there will be no subway vision, the union will be back on top, and the last three years will have been a fiscal waste,” Mammoliti wrote.

And Councillor John Parker said he isn’t happy with either Minnan-Wong’s or Fillion’s proposal. He questioned whether council has the power to rescind the mayor’s powers despite the vote of council.

“The mayor has got himself into a predicament and I wish him well in that,” he said. “But he has to make that decision himself.”

WATCH: John Parker speaks to reporters about the motions put forward against Mayor Rob Ford. 

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