Saskatchewan pedophile does not apply for full parole

Convicted pedophile Peter Whitmore, who repeatedly sexually assaulted two boys in Saskatchewan in 2006, has not applied for parole. Troy Fleece / CP Photo

SASKATOON – A convicted pedophile who kidnapped and repeatedly sexually assaulted two boys in Saskatchewan in 2006 was eligible to apply for parole twice this year, but didn’t.

Peter Robert Whitmore pleaded guilty in the summer of 2007 to the assaults.

In exchange, the Crown did not seeking a dangerous offender designation, which could have meant Whitmore would be jailed indefinitely.

Instead, he was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for seven years.

Parole Board of Canada spokesman Gary Sears says Whitmore was eligible to apply for day parole on Feb. 1 and full parole on Aug. 1.

Sears says a parole hearing will automatically happen unless an inmate waives his or her right to the hearing.

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Sears cannot comment on specific cases, but he says there have been no deliberations in the Whitmore case.

If there had been a parole hearing, the board would have issued a decision.

Both boys were reported missing separately – one was from Saskatchewan and the other Manitoba.

Whitmore held them captive at an abandoned farmhouse near Kipling, about 150 kilometres east of Regina, for two days before they were found. A 10-hour standoff with police ended peacefully.

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