Maritimes enjoying unusually warm fall as New Brunswick breaks heat records

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Maritimers enjoying unusually warm fall
WATCH: It’s that time of year where typically bundling up is less of an option and more of a necessity. But, instead, Maritimes are enjoying an unusually warm fall. As Robert Lothian tells us tonight, that's meant more time to enjoy the outdoors. – Nov 2, 2022

Across the Maritimes, even in the early days of November, it’s not hard to find a brave soul sporting shorts or venturing out in a T-shirt.

The region has been mostly graced by abnormally warm temperatures throughout the fall, which has paved the way for more time outdoors.

“It has been warm, generally a couple of degrees. Two to four degrees above average through October, and that includes a stretch that was cold. So a lot of people forget that there were frosty mornings a few weeks ago,” said Global News Chief Meteorologist Anthony Farnell.

According to Farnell, the heat has broken records on several occasions in recent weeks.

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At the Riverside Country Club in Rothesay, N.B, record-setting heat has prolonged the season for many golfers.

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“We averaged about 130 golfers a day through the month of October, which is a really strong month for us,” the club’s general manager, Jason Porter, told Global News.

“Comparatively speaking, if you look at this time last year, October 2021, we’d have average 80 to 90 golfers a day.”

Porter said members have been asking more frequently if the club can extend the season. However, the courses are expected to close next week for repairs, but not due to a lack of interest.

“When they were coming out at the end of October or first of November (last year), bundling up, winter hats, gloves, even winter jackets, but this year just yesterday, people were playing golf here with shorts and golf shirts on. It’s amazing.”

Opportunities to ditch the sweaters and jackets are expected to continue, at least in the coming days. Farnell said parts of the Maritimes could see temperatures in the low 20s over the weekend.

However, similar to the leaves during fall, temperatures are also bound to drop.

“So what’s very warm for the next week to 10 days will likely turn colder, and it could turn quite cold and snowy come December,” Farnell remarked.

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New Brunswickers kick off apple picking season

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