Global News Projects Janice Lukes as Waverley West councillor

Photo of Janice Lukes.
Photo of Janice Lukes.

Global news is projecting Janice Lukes as councillor for the Waverley West ward.

Lukes is projected to hold onto the seat she has held since 2018.

Photo of Janice Lukes
Photo of Janice Lukes.

Unofficial poll numbers as of 11:30 p.m. Wednesday showed Lukes with 8,580 votes compared to 2,026 for her only competitor, Scott Pascal.

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The ward was created in 2018 to accommodate Winnipeg’s growth in the south. In 2014 she represented South Winnipeg-St. Norbert Ward, which included Waverly West.

Lukes had 20 years of community work on her side with eight years as a councillor.

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She planned to focus on economic and social recovery initiatives, community safety, and improving the delivery of core city services.

As well as building a new $100 million recreation campus and $15 million fire hall in the Waverley West ward.

Vying for her seat was Pascal Scott.

Photo of Pascal Scott
Photo of Pascal Scott.

He currently works at the Winnipeg World Trade Center as a trade advisor helping Manitoba business succeed abroad.

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Scott has said his professional career has focused on the business of making places more livable and vibrant.

The issues that were top of his mind were health, crime and safety, Urban Sprawl, Infrastructure, and Social Cohesion.

He has said the desire and creativity to effect positive change for the people of his hometown that drew him to politics.

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