London, Ont. fire department says crews remain on scene as carbon dioxide leaks from truck

London Fire Hazmat level 2 response to a commercial delivery vehicle leaking a compressed gas at Dundas & Saskatoon. Via London Fire Department Twitter

London firefighters and police are still monitoring a commercial vehicle on Dundas and Saskatoon streets as gas leaks into the air.

Hazardous material technicians are also on scene, and the Ministry of the Environment has been contacted, platoon chief manager Gary Mosburger said.

Mosburger says the gas leaking from the tank is carbon dioxide and not considered dangerous.

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“Because of the compressed air and compressed gas in this situation, it’s caused freezing in the area of where the valve is, which more or less limits our ability to shut the tank off,” he said.

“It’s more of a visual to the public; they would think there is something very serious going on where in fact, it is quite safe because it’s an outdoor space.”

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As of 5 p.m., fire crews remained on the scene to monitor air quality as the gas continued to leak from the truck.

Second Street is closed between Dundas and Leonard streets while crews work.

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