Toronto man on trial for first-degree murder of father, a retired firefighter

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WATCH: The trial has begun for a Toronto man accused of fatally stabbing his father – Apr 21, 2022

Ann Hardy and Kent Truman had been living together in a common-law relationship for 15 years. Truman was a retired City of York firefighter who was awarded the Governor General’s Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal in 1987, while Hardy was a retired flight attendant.

Hardy said the couple spent their retirement years together, sleeping in late and having a leisurely breakfast before watching TV. Kent would do the shopping and cooking, something he loved. But it all changed in the early morning hours of April 15, 2019, when Hardy woke up to a thud, thinking Truman had fallen out of bed as he had done before.

Hardy, who had just had back surgery and was sleeping in another room in the couple’s bungalow on Hertford Avenue near Eglinton Avenue West and Black Creek Drive, told a jury that after hearing the bang around 6:25 a.m., she went rushing into the bedroom where she found Truman on the floor and blood everywhere. It was then she called 911.

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In a 911 call, played at the first-degree murder trial for Truman’s son, Kyle, Hardy could be heard frantically telling the call taker that her common-law husband had fallen from the bed. As she attempted to perform CPR with the assistance of the call taker, Hardy could be heard saying, “Kent, Kent, Kent. There’s blood all over the floor. It looks like he cut open his chest a couple of times.”

Paramedics later arrived and pronounced the 77-year-old dead. Kent Truman had been stabbed to death.

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Hardy testified that Truman had three children, Kyle, Chris and Jennifer. Kyle had lived with the couple in their bungalow for four to six months, describing her relationship with Kyle as “not great.”

In the Crown’s opening address, prosecutor Cheryl Blondell told the jury that it’s expected they will hear from witnesses who will testify they saw someone coming towards Truman’s home in dark clothing, wearing a hoodie sweatshirt, from a nearby ravine.

Another witness will testify he thought it was Kyle Truman based on Kyle’s height and weight. Surveillance video will also be shown capturing an individual going into the house in the early morning hours. A spare key that was hidden outside the house was still in the front door.

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Blondell said police attended an apartment building later that day, at 550 Kingston Rd., where they arrested Kyle Truman. Surveillance video will be shown at trial showing Kyle Truman leaving the building around 5:15 a.m., dressed in a black sweatshirt with what appeared to be a knife dangling from his pocket.

Two hours later, surveillance video will show Kyle returning and it did not appear he had a knife with him and he was no longer wearing the sweatshirt.

Security video from the building’s laundry room will also show Kyle Truman washing his clothing. Blondell said a canine officer is expected to tell the jury that a police dog found a knife tucked away in a path off the ravine behind Kent Truman’s home. Forensic investigators will testify DNA on the knife’s blade could not be excluded as being that of Kent Truman. DNA on the knife’s handle could not be excluded as being that of the accused and the deceased.

A sweatshirt found in the ravine revealed blood on the sleeve and neck which could not be excluded as being that of Kyle Truman’s. Brown boots seized from his Kingston Road apartment had blood on the laces, which could not be excluded as being from the deceased.

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A high school friend of Kyle Truman is also expected to testify that she remembered sending a knife to Kyle in 2017, and still has the receipt. The make and model matched the knife found in the ravine.

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Kent Truman’s daughter is also on the witness list.

“Jennifer Truman is expected to testify Kyle Truman had issues with his father and the deceased had concerns with Kyle’s mental health and well-being and had taken steps to get him medical,” said Blondell, adding it was something Kyle was against.

Blondell added that the victim’s daughter is expected to testify that tension between the father and son was escalating in the weeks before Kent’s murder.

The day ended with Hardy telling the jury that she was traumatized by the events of that morning in April 2019, after hearing the 911 call. Her testimony continues.

Kyle Truman has pleaded not guilty.

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