Penticton carver raises funds for Ukrainian refugees with unique gourd

Click to play video: 'Penticton, B.C. carver raises funds for Ukrainian refugees' Penticton, B.C. carver raises funds for Ukrainian refugees
Penticton, B.C. carver raises funds for Ukrainian refugees – Apr 1, 2022

Each meticulous mark made by Penticton carver Jordan Stracker on a large gourd is a tribute to the Ukrainian refugees who will come to Canada after being displaced by the war.

“The sunflower is often used to represent Ukraine and the flag is yellow and blue. So, I’ve been trying to add a variety of yellows and blues in it without making it look like a flag per se,” said Stracker.

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Straker has transformed a gourd into a piece of traditional Ukrainian clothing called Vyshyvanka. When it’s completed it will be sold and all funds will be donated to the Dolyna Ukrainian Cultural Society in Kelowna.

“Lately, I’ve been quite preoccupied with what’s happening in Ukraine and I had a gourd sitting there, it was just time [to carve it],” said Stracker.
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The renowned artist is known for his western-themed creations that have been sold for thousands of dollars. His wood carvings resemble leather, feathers and fur.

The gourd may not be completed yet, however, it’s already up for sale. For more details about the piece visit

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