Calgary needs traffic lights at 3 intersections along John Laurie Boulevard: city

John Laurie Boulevard and Brisebois Drive N.W. in Calgary on Monday, Nov. 29, 2021. Global News

The City of Calgary says traffic lights are needed on a busy roadway in the northwest.

Officials said collisions have increased at three intersections along John Laurie Boulevard: Brisebois Drive N.W., Charleswood Drive N.W. and 19 Street N.W.

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All three intersections warrant signals based on criteria that evaluate traffic volumes, delays and safety, said Pat Grisak, co-ordinator of traffic management with the city, via email Monday.

“Traffic safety is a paramount concern for the City of Calgary, and the three intersections on John Laurie Boulevard N.W. require traffic signals to address the collision issues that are occurring along the corridor,” he said.

“Traffic signals at Brisebois Drive N.W. will also provide the community a much-desired, safe crossing for pedestrians walking to Nose Hill Park.”

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Impact analysis of potential traffic lights has begun, and public engagement on the issue is expected to happen in 2022.

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