Calgary election 2021: Who won in Ward 12?

Evan Spencer is projected to win the councillor seat in Ward 12.

Spencer will be the first new councillor in the southeastern ward since 2010, replacing Shane Keating, who announced last year he would not seek re-election.

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Here’s a look at the candidates running for Keating’s seat, in alphabetical order.

Craig Chandler

Chandler has vast experience in politics, having worked on several election campaigns, including that of Minister of Municipal Affairs Ric McIver, as well as many former ministers including Jonathan Denis and Tanya Fir.

If elected to council, Chandler would prioritize reducing taxes, reducing the number of in camera meetings at city hall, and conduct an organizational review and forensic audit of all city departments.

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Craig Chandler’s website

Craig Chandler’s Facebook page

Craig Chandler’s Twitter

John (Chubby Hubby) Duta

Duta is an entrepreneur in Calgary, running a home repair business.

If elected to council, Duta would work toward establishing set term limits for councillors, eliminating speed enforcement cameras, and securing financial help for community associations.

John Duta’s website

Dirk Fontaine

Fontaine is running for council in Ward 12. No campaign information was available as of publishing.

Dirk Fontaine’s website

Teresa Hargreaves

Hargreaves has lived in Ward 12 for more than 25 years, and is a passionate volunteer with several community organizations. She also works as a CEO and project manager at a consulting firm in the city.

If elected to represent her ward, Hargreaves said she would work with first responders to improve community safety, with Alberta regulators to ensure orphaned oil wells near Ward 12 are cleaned up, and work with city planners to bring innovation to communities and improve roads and transportation.

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Teresa Hargreaves’ website

Teresa Hargreaves’ Facebook profile

Teresa Hargreaves’ Twitter

Mike LaValley

LaValley has called Calgary home for 25 years, and has worked in the automotive industry, managing large dealerships before starting his own internet consulting business in 2014.

As a councillor, LaValley would focus on bringing the city’s spending under control and addressing taxes, improving transparency and trust in city council, and improving respect among councillors to address divisiveness among municipal politicians.

Mike LaValley’s website

Mike LaValley’s Facebook page

Steven Phan

Phan has lived in Ward 12 nearly his whole life, growing up with his family in Douglasdale before settling down in Seton to raise his own growing family. He spent time with the Canadian Armed Forces before starting his own tech company.

If elected, Phan would prioritize getting Calgarians back to work post-pandemic, while diversifying the city’s economy, get a handle on the city’s budget and stop tax hikes, as well as improve accountability and transparency on council.

Steven Phan’s website

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Steven Phan’s Facebook page

Evan Spencer

Spencer is no stranger to the workings of city hall, or the priorities of Ward 12 residents, having worked in sitting Councillor Shane Keating’s office through this past year. He also calls himself a “passionate policy nerd.”

If elected to represent Ward 12, Spencer would work toward smarter spending of taxpayers’ money, improving livability in the ward’s communities, and growing jobs and opportunity as the economy rebounds.

Evan Spencer’s website

Evan Spencer’s Facebook page

Evan Spencer’s Twitter

Michael Streilein

Streilein is a small business owner in Calgary and active member of his community.

If elected, Streilein would work toward responsible spending by city hall to make Calgary economically competitive, rebuilding trust residents have in those elected to represent them, and work to revitalize the city’s downtown.

Michael Streilein’s website

Michael Streilein’s Facebook page

In total, 27 people are running for mayor and there are 100 candidates for city council. Eighteen people are running to become Calgary Catholic School Board trustees, while 38 people are running to become Calgary Board of Education trustees.

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Election day is Monday, Oct. 18.



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