Downtown Edmonton intersection closed after truck collides with 6 vehicles

Police respond to what appears to be a crash at Jasper Avenue and 109 Street in Edmonton on Friday. Eric Beck/Global News

A major downtown Edmonton intersection was shut down late Friday afternoon following a series of collisions involving what police say they believe was a stolen water truck.

Police said the water truck collided with six other vehicles and that several people reported suffering minor injuries. Police added that the woman driving the water truck was taken into police custody and then taken to hospital to be assessed.

At least two fire trucks and four Edmonton Police Service vehicles were called to the intersection of Jasper Avenue and 109 Street.

Video of the scene captured by the Global 1 news helicopter showed what appeared to be a damaged car with its doors open in the middle of the intersection. A truck also appeared to be laying on its side to the west of the intersection.

Dina Goertzen said she felt lucky to be alive after the vehicle she was driving with her mother in the passenger seat was hit by the truck.

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“The paramedics said if I had been going a little faster, and (if) we were hit at the side, mum would have been killed and maybe me too,” she said.

Goertzen described the moment she realized something was wrong.

“We were driving along and the light was green, and all of a sudden this big truck comes,” she said. “(It was) like everything’s in slow motion…. I figured that truck isn’t stopping.

“It hit my car. It hit the side and the front at the same time and then the car spun around.”

Goertzen said she was OK and her mother just suffered a minor scrape. She said she was grateful for the help and kindness she received from first responders as well as bystanders who rushed to offer their help.

Police said they expect investigators to remain at the scene for several hours on Friday night.

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Emergency vehicles respond to what appears to be a crash at Jasper Avenue and 109 Street in Edmonton on Friday. Global One News Helicopter

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