Saskatoon Rugby offers free opportunity to learn to play

Click to play video: 'Saskatoon Rugby offers free opportunity to learn to play' Saskatoon Rugby offers free opportunity to learn to play
WATCH: One sport that has been around for decades in Saskatoon and is hoping they can get some new interest and new athletes out to play.

The rugby community in Saskatoon was established way back in the 1970s. Since then, the number of participants has gone up and down.

In an effort to get them going up more consistently, the KREMS Rugby Club has initiated sessions simply titled, “Learn to Play Rugby!”

“Rugby in Saskatchewan is a little smaller than it is in other provinces in our country and we just want to grow the sport in Saskatchewan, and we want to grow our club,” KREMS president Jason Brandt said.

“So we can be competitive and keep growing in the future.”

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Rugby can also be a transition sport for those that competed in high school sports no longer available to athletes after graduation.

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Anyone, male or female from 16 years and up, can come out to the club and give it a try.

“We have a lot of great athletes from football programs, hockey, wrestling, whatever it is,” KREMS co-coach Mason Switzer said. “All those programs build to a spot similar to this where we can kind of be there athletically and work our bodies alongside it.

“A lot of our veterans will notice a new person and they will invite them over and teach them the aspects of throwing and catching the ball,” Brandt added. “And they will build them up, from the ground up until they are ready to play a contact version of our sport.”

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Rugby is a physical sport, but unlike a lot of other physical sports, once the game is over it seems to trend towards being very social.

The club also likes to be involved in getting out into the community, volunteering for fundraisers as they look at the members of the club extended family.

“You’re not only going to find lifelong friendships but you are going to get out there and you are going to enjoy yourself,” Switzer stated.

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“It doesn’t matter your skill level. How far you have come, or not. We are always going to bring anybody in, and teach them the game that we play it. Also, give them enough time so they can get a comprehensive understanding of the game.”

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