Mosquitoes making life difficult for Reginans

Click to play video: 'Mosquitoes making life difficult for Reginans' Mosquitoes making life difficult for Reginans
WATCH: Reginans are feeling the overwhelming numbers of mosquitoes that are swarming the city this year. The insects are out in force and making life difficult – Jul 7, 2021

In Regina, the mosquitoes are out in alarming numbers in 2021.

According to a City of Regina report, the number of mosquitoes caught in city-wide traps last week was nearly 50 times the amount caught in 2020 for the same week.

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This time last year, there were only six mosquitoes per City of Regina trap, while this year that number skyrocketed to 293.

“I mean it doesn’t surprise me,” said Regina resident Amir Said. “I walk by the lake all the time, pretty much every evening and I’m always getting bit by them.”

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The extreme spike in mosquito numbers has made being outdoors for some families almost unbearable.

“When summer comes we try to be with our kids as much as we can,” said Regina resident Cesar Suarez. “After six o’clock you just can’t be outside, my kids are covered in mosquito bites.”

Citizens can do their part to quell the ever-growing population of the pesky insects.

“Everybody who has their own properties at ground level, make sure there’s no stagnant water laying around their property,” said Regina resident Don Jesse.

If you took a straw poll, the vast majority of participants would say they dislike mosquitoes, but for Said it is utter contempt.

“I hate them, I guess you’d have to be a mosquito scientist to like them. I hate mosquitoes they’re so annoying,” Said said.

In order to still enjoy the Regina summer outdoors, residents are encouraged to use bugspray and avoid areas with standing water.

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