Mosquito population multiplying in Regina

Regina residents are being swarmed by mosquitoes, who are out this year in alarmingly high numbers. Global News / File

The number of mosquitoes are on the rise in Regina.

The City of Regina says that last week the average count was 98 mosquitoes per trap, nearly five times the historical average for that particular week, which is 21 mosquitoes per trap.

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City workers are doing their best to keep the mosquito population under control.

Russell Eirich, manager of Open Space Services for the City of Regina, has pest control teams searching for mosquito hotbeds throughout the city.

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“We’re looking at the water bodies and if we see mosquito larvae in it we’re treating it with a biological product called VectoBac. We’re trying to get the mosquito larvae before they emerge as adults,” he said.

Regina residents can also do their part to minimize the mosquito population by monitoring items in their yard that may contain standing water. This can include paint cans and birdbaths, which should be emptied if full.

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