Regina police reminding residents to lock garage doors

From May 11 to 18, there were 43 break and enters, 19 of which were garage break and enters. Supplied

Regina Police Service is reminding residents to take a number of proactive steps to prevent garage break and enters in the city.

From May 11 to 18, there were 43 reported break and enters in Regina. Of these, 44 per cent or 19 were garage break-ins. Police say many were the result of unlocked or open garage doors.

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Police added that there are some cases where a garage door opener is left in view in the resident’s vehicle, leading the thief to break into the vehicle to get the opener.

Police explained that an unlocked door is an invitation for criminals.

“For our critics: this is not victim-blaming; this is trying to prevent people (from) becoming victims,” RPS said in a statement.

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RPS offered the following proactive strategies for residents to help prevent garage break and enters:

  • Securely lock all garage doors; both outside doors and the attached doors that lead into the house;
  • Remove garage door openers from cars parked on the street or driveway. To thieves, that small piece of plastic is the key to a treasure trove of valuables, and even possible access to your house through an attached garage;
  • Assess the condition of garage doors. A weak or damaged door or lock is easily forced open by would-be intruders;
  • Install motion-sensor lights by your driveway/doors

RPS also reminded residents to call them at 306-777-6500 if they notice any suspicious activity. If residents see a crime in progress, they are advised to call 9-1-1.

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