COVID-19: Kingston, Ont. businesses getting in on ‘Sign Wars’

Click to play video: 'Kingston area businesses take friendly jabs at each other in the fast growing trend of “Sign Wars”'
Kingston area businesses take friendly jabs at each other in the fast growing trend of “Sign Wars”
WATCH: Good natured teasing aimed at producing some laughs comes to Kingston with "Sign Wars" – Apr 30, 2021

A fun show of community support is spreading in cities across North America, including Kingston.

It’s called “Sign Wars.”

Instead of advertising the latest deals, local businesses are using their outdoor signage to take aim at other businesses — some good-natured teasing aimed at nothing more than producing some laughs in these trying times.

The first shot in the Limestone City battle took place at Friendly Fires on Dalton Avenue. Adam Milligan works at Friendly Fires.

“Our sister company in Peterborough had started this in that area and it’s gone over extremely well and with COVID, people are looking to have a little fun,” Milligan said.

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“There’s lots of doom and gloom in our world. So this is a good way to get some local camaraderie between businesses, so we thought we’d bring it to Kingston.”

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A Sign of the Times in Peterborough

And bring it they did. The Friendly Fires sign reads “HEY GILMOURS WE HAVE GRILLS WHERES THE BEEF”. The sign is referring to Gilmours on Highway 38 in Harrowsmith, just northwest of Kingston. It’s a meat market that was certainly ready to take on those grillers back in town.

Jordan Gilmour was the one behind their response.

“We received a word on social media last (Thursday) night that our friends from Friendly Fires sent the first shot as us so we’re always up for a friendly battle, so we thought, why not, we’ll join in,” Gilmour said.

The electronic sign outside the store reads “HEY FRIENDLY FIRES THE LAST BUSINESS THAT CHALLENGED US TO A SIGN WAR GOT SMOKED”. Gilmour says when it comes to Sign Wars, the bottom line is it’s all about fun.

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“It’s a nice little diversion for everybody right now with everything that’s going on. So if we can have a little fun with it, why not.

Milligan and the folks at Friendly Fires agree.

“It’s kind of a fun way to lighten the spirit of the community and get people involved — really just have some fun with it.”

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