Watch: Sleepy bear saunters into spring after long winter nap at Montreal zoo

Click to play video: 'WATCH: Sleepy bear saunters into spring after hibernation at Montreal zoo' WATCH: Sleepy bear saunters into spring after hibernation at Montreal zoo
WATCH: After packing it in in late November, Genie the bear has awoken from a deep slumber at the Ecomuseum Zoo in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue. Staff at the zoo captured her first steps into spring on Friday – Mar 22, 2021

Spring has officially sprung and if the nice weather was indication enough, the Ecomuseums’s lonely black bear, Genie, has officially awakened from her hibernation slumber.

Genie first hit the hay with a full belly prepared for the long winter nap on Nov. 23.

The West Island zoo posted a video of Genie’s first snowy steps out of her den on Friday.

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After her long five-month sleep, the groggy bear spent the weekend enjoying her snow-covered enclosure while soaking up some long overdue rays.

Normally in the wild, bears lose 25 per cent of their total body weight while in hibernation but Genie’s conditions are “more comfortable,” Ecomuseum spokesperson Émile Sénécal said.

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One of the country’s largest land-based mammals, Black Bears like Genie will spend the rest of their days fattening up, eating a protein-rich diet, mixed with lots of plants and fruits.

“When they come out of hibernation, they don’t eat much the first days as their digestive system is waking up again,” Sénécal said.

“Our keepers will feed her with fruits, vegetables and dog food.”

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