Inexpensive hacks to get your home ready for spring

Click to play video: 'Get your home ready for spring with these inexpensive hacks'
Get your home ready for spring with these inexpensive hacks
Lifestyle expert Susie Wall shares ideas to revive the spaces in your home and get ready for spring. – Mar 17, 2021

After a winter in lockdown for many Canadians, spring is finally here. 

For inexpensive hacks to get your home ready for the new season, lifestyle expert Susie Wall recently joined The Morning Show to share her best tips. 

Wall recommends adding a “kitchen garden,” or herb garden, around your sink for fresh, spring scents. 

Swapping out your darker faux fur blankets with lighter throws can also be an easy way to brighten up your space, she says. 

“Switch towards things that are milkier (and) lighter in tone.” 

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Similarly in the kitchen, Wall recommends relacing heavier dinnerware sets with something light and seasonal. 

“Something that’s from the local hardware store … that if you break it, it doesn’t matter,” she says. 

Click to play video: 'How to revamp your living room on a $0 budget'
How to revamp your living room on a $0 budget

If you’re not sure what colours pair well together for this time of the year, Wall recommends using pink with tan, grey with lavender and mustard with blush. 

“It creates this really nice contrast,” she says. 

In the bathroom, Wall recommends finally swapping those old, papery towels for something fluffy and spa-like. 

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“Treat yourself,” she says. 

Wall adds that terra-cotta is trending again, which is the perfect hue for spring. 

“It’s a great old-fashioned staple. Terra-cotta holds things well, it looks beautiful (and) it’s also got that kind of southwestern vibe.” 

For more inexpensive hacks for spring redecorating, watch the full video above.

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