Flood damage could keep historic City Hall closed for weeks

CALGARY – It could be another few months before historic City Hall is fully operational, due to flood damage.

The overwhelming amount of water which poured into the sandstone building in late June left behind significant electrical issues.

Although the nearby municipal complex has reopened, it’s not yet fully operational.

Power isn’t fully restored, and some mechanical systems will have to be replaced.

Officials took media on a tour of the site on Wednesday, showing off three large generators located outside of the building which they say are working to power the facility.

The electrical issues mean not all of the elevators and escalators in the building are working.

Some municipal workers have returned, but others are still out of their offices, forced to work from home or at remote locations.

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Officials hope to have the building back up and running by the end of August.

Meanwhile, the City Hall parkade which remains closed. It sustained serious damage to all seven levels, and isn’t anticipated to open until Decemeber 1st.

In the aftermath of the flood, a drenched Canadian flag in City Hall was rescued by a recovery worker.

The flag has since been signed by others instrumental in the restoration effort.

There are plans to permanently display it once things are back to normal.