Recipe: Chocolate truffles for your Valentine

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Caren McSherry, from Gourmet Warehouse, shares her recipe for chocolate truffles; perfect for Valentine's Day. – Feb 7, 2021

Chocolate Truffles get their name from the uneven, irregular shape that resembles the savoury truffles that grow beneath oak trees in the forests of France and Italy.

The shape is where resemblance ends. The chocolate variety possess all the wonderful things that make it almost impossible to stop at just one. With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, they make terrific gifts or the perfect finish to a meal.


  • 1 cup heavy cream 33% minimum
  • 1 ¼ pound semi sweet or bittersweet chocolate, such as Callebaut or Valrhona (65% or higher) chopped
  • 2 tablespoons liquor of your choice, Grand Marnier, Rum, Cognac etc

Optional coating

  • Toasted chopped nuts (pistachios, almonds, pecans etc)
  • Dark Dutch Cocoa
  • Icing Sugar
  • Toasted coconut
  • Gold Flake
  • Melted chocolate


  1. Place the cream in a heavy-bottomed pot, heat to a simmer. Add the chopped chocolate to the pot, turn off the heat and stir until the chocolate is melted, add the liquor.
  2. Pour the chocolate into a shallow pan and chill until the mixture is firm. Place your coating ingredients on separate plates.
  3. Scoop small balls, about walnut size and randomly roll, keeping them irregular, drop into the selection of coatings, roll to coat and transfer to clean tray and chill until serving.
  4. The truffles will keep for several weeks under refrigeration. Store in a covered container between sheets of parchment paper.

Makes 48.


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