Gas prices in Saskatchewan expected to plateau until spring: experts

Gas prices are expected to rise roughly 15 to 20 cents/litre by the summer in Saskatchewan, experts say. Brady Ratzlaff / Global News

People filling up at the gas station will likely have noticed it’s hovering around the one-dollar mark at many locations in Saskatchewan. Those prices are expected to plateau until spring.

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“What you see is what you are going to get,” Canadians for Affordable Energy president Dan McTeague said.

McTeague said there are two main factors that will cause the price to jump up: the carbon tax and the yearly switch from winter to summer fuels.

Click to play video 'Federal carbon tax system could hit Saskatchewan farmers hard: APAS' Federal carbon tax system could hit Saskatchewan farmers hard: APAS
Federal carbon tax system could hit Saskatchewan farmers hard: APAS – Jan 10, 2021

McTeague said the carbon tax increase set to take place on April 1 will jump from roughly 6 cents to 8 cents per litre plus GST.

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That’s in addition to the standard four cents from seasonal fuel blend switching. Summer blends are used between the middle of April through the middle of September.

“All in all we will be seeing prices looking up at a $1.10/litre to $1.20/litre come summertime,” McTeague said. “Likely moving to a $1.00/litre to a $1.10/litre between the beginning of March to the middle of April.”

Saskatchewan gas prices will still be low compared to the rest of the country. The average price in the province is $1.039.

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According to, Albertans are paying the lowest price in Canada for fuel at ¢99.5. Gas pump users in British Columbia and Newfoundland are the highest in Canada at ¢124.9 and ¢125.9 respectively. says the price of gas in Saskatoon is ranging from ¢95.9 to $1.039 as of Saturday. The cost to fuel up in Regina is between ¢91.9 to $1.039.