Experience of a lifetime for Winnipeg girl starring in upcoming action thriller ‘Nobody’

Cory and Paisley Cadorath. Instagram / Paisley Cadorath

A nine-year-old Winnipeg girl got the experience of a lifetime starring alongside Bob Odenkirk (Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul) in the upcoming thriller Nobody — which she’ll finally be able to see when it hits theatres Feb. 26, 2021.

Assuming, of course, that her parents let her watch the R-rated film.

Paisley Cadorath had never acted before, but she auditioned for the Winnipeg-shot flick and ended up landing the gig.

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“It kind of happened pretty fast,” Paisley’s dad, Cory Cadorath, told 680 CJOB.

“My wife’s brother is in acting and that’s how Paisley got into it. He had reached out to my wife, saying, ‘There’s this audition happening in Winnipeg, and I think Paisley would fit great for it.’

“It was her first audition she ever did… A couple of weeks went by and we got a callback. That was exciting — no expectations at that point — and another few weeks went by, and yeah, she got the role.”

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Paisley said she had to miss school to play the part, but there was an on-set tutor available so she wouldn’t miss out on her education while taking on the job of a lifetime.

“It was really crazy,” she said. “(Odenkirk) is in a really big show, and these people are in really big movies, and it was so crazy to work with them.

“He made me feel like I was home there and welcome. He’s a big movie star, and he made me feel like I was kind of a movie star, so that made me very happy.”

The movie — also starring Connie Nielsen, Christopher Lloyd and RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan — is about a mild-mannered family man who gets revenge on a group of thieves after suffering an attack of PTSD during a break-in.

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Despite the violence inherent in the film’s premise — as seen on full display in the trailer — Cory said Paisley was mostly insulated from that side of the film while on set.

Actor Bob Odenkirk
Actor Bob Odenkirk. Global News / File

“I don’t think a lot of the violence that we’ll get to see, I don’t think she’ll be in that. We’ll have to see it through first before I think we make that decision (to let her watch it or not).”

Cory said he’s not sure whether his daughter will pursue acting as a career, but that the family will support her no matter what.

“I think the hope is that she’s going to grow up doing something she loves that makes her happy,” he said.

“We’re just happy that she got to experience it — that we got to experience it as a family. Our expectation is just to support her… if it happens to be a one-and-done, that’s the way it is, but if it takes off and turns into something more, that’s great.

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“You always want the best for your kids.”

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