Bruins defenceman makes time for Estevan’s community

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Bruins defenceman makes time for Estevan’s community
WATCH: Kade McMillen won the Estevan Bruins' community ambassador award – Nov 29, 2020

Kade McMillen is a 20-year-old defenceman with the Estevan Bruins. He is also the most recent recipient of the league’s community ambassador award.

“There are a lot of good guys in the league,” McMillen said. “A lot of guys do stuff in the league so it felt pretty good to get chosen for that.”

McMillen is from a small community in the southeastern corner of the province called Carievale. And he still has a lot of those good character traits a lot of people acquire while growing up in a close tight-knit community, like being there to help each other out.

McMillen took part in nearly every community event the Bruins held, and before each home game he introduced the seventh man to the team.

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“You know that goes back to good parenting. He was brought up really well by his parents and it’s obvious,” Estevan Bruins head coach and GM Jason Tatarnic said.

“That is the one thing I hope our guys learn from Kade is that it’s important to be a good person. That is something that we stress. You know you are gonna be a person a lot longer than you are going to be a hockey player. So you better learn to be a good person because hockey does end at some point.”

McMillen added that his teammates all do a lot in the community that has been so great to them with their support on and off the ice.

“It’s important because they are the people that come out and support you. They put their butts in the seats, and sponsors and the little kids growing up look up to the hockey players. I know I did when I was younger. I looked up to the guys that played for the Bruins, so it’s cool to be able to give back,” McMillen said.

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