Nova Scotia investing $193M to expand internet access for homes and businesses

The province of Nova Scotia announced Tuesday that it invested $193 million to expand internet access.On Nov. 12, Develop Nova Scotia announced a series of scope expansions to existing contracts for Internet for Nova Scotia Initiative projects, which will provide access to an additional 6,700 homes and businesses.“The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the critical importance of access to reliable, high-speed internet for business, education and leisure,” Minister of Business Geoff MacLellan said in a press release.

“Across the province, people are working from home, students are learning from home and our small businesses are moving to increase their online presence. These changes have fundamentally changed the way our society operates. Equitable access to Internet is more important than it’s ever been.”

According to the province, projects associated with these scope expansions will reduce the number of remaining unserved or underserved homes and businesses by over half.

“By expanding existing projects, Develop Nova Scotia is continuing to accelerate timelines for these homes and businesses to be connected,” the province stated.

These agreements with internet service providers Mainland Telecom and Bell Canada will provide connections to approximately 30 small communities across the province with high-speed internet, said the province.

It is expected all homes and businesses covered by these extensions will have access to improved network by late 2023.


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