Vladimir Marugov, Russian ‘Sausage King,’ slain by crossbow in sauna

Russian oligarch Vladimir Marugov is shown in this 2015 file photo. Alexander Marugov/Facebook

Vladimir Marugov, a Russian oligarch known as the “Sausage King,” was killed in the sauna beside his home outside Moscow on Monday, according to police.

The incident reportedly happened at Marugov’s estate near Istra, an upscale suburb west of Moscow.

Authorities say two intruders broke into the bathhouse and caught him in the sauna with a woman. The intruders tied the two of them up, demanded money and eventually killed Marugov with a crossbow, according to the Investigative Committee, Russia’s equivalent of the FBI.

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Marugov’s partner managed to escape through a window and ran to a neighbour’s home to call police.

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Police found the victim, 54, dead in the sauna with a crossbow bolt in him.

Investigators recovered a suspected getaway car and the crossbow in a nearby village. One suspect has been arrested, RT reports.

Authorities did not identify the victim but he has been named as Marugov in various Russian media reports. REN TV described him as the owner of Ozyorsky Sausages and the “Meat Empire” sausage factories.

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The wealthy Marugov family has a well-documented history of turmoil and tragedy. Vladimir Marugov’s son, Alexander, died in a motorcycle accident last year at the age of 25.

Marugov had also been locked in a legal battle with his ex-wife, Tayana Marugova, over the terms of their divorce, which happened five years ago.

The investigation into his death is ongoing.


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