Edmonton Oilers considering all options for 2020 NHL Entry Draft

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Here’s what we know for sure: the Edmonton Oilers have the 14th overall pick in the first round of the 2020 NHL Entry Draft.

Beyond that, who knows?

“We’ve got a target at 14. We do a lot of scenarios where we’re prepared for a trade-up or trade-back,” said Tyler Wright, the team’s director of amateur scouting. “We got a target at 14. We have to wait and see the 13 other players who go before him.

“Hopefully, one of our targets is still there. If they are, we’re going to add a real good piece. Regardless, we’re adding a good player.”

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Wright said it’s a “best player available” in the first round, regardless of position. After that, he’s more open to drafting by positional need.

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“I think you can start targeting. You look at where we are in our depth chart and our needs in terms of what we need to improve on,” said Wright.

“If you don’t ever draft these players and developing, you never get him. We know the deficiencies in the organization.”

The Oilers have neither a second pick nor a fourth round pick because of trades made at the deadline in February. They have to decide before Wednesday’s third round if they’re going to send that pick to the Calgary Flames this year or next. They could deal the 14th overall spot to move back in the first round and reclaim some picks in the later rounds.

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If they do draft at 14, the Oilers could have a shot at a WHL forward who stands under six-feet, such as Portland’s Seth Jarvis or Brandon’s Ridly Greig.

“We always look and try to project where the league is going and how we’re going to look as a team. How does Ken Holland want this team to look?” said Wright. “Obviously, there’s been a shift a bit with the smaller players.

“Are we opposed to taking small players? Absolutely not.”

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The first round of the NHL Draft can be heard on 630 CHED on Tuesday with coverage starting at 4 p.m.

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