Winnipeg scraps flashing traffic lights at night and on weekends

The City of Winnipeg is extending yellow light duration at high-speed intersections. Getty Images

Winnipeg motorists will soon need to stop at intersections they’re not used to.

In an effort to keep pedestrians safe, lights at 185 intersections will be impacted across the city, with the majority re-programmed to cycle through their green, amber and red stages.

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Flashing lights were initially used at intersections where traffic volumes were low to reduce traffic delays. Routes that are still particularly light in traffic will instead see a red/red flash mode.

In the past, when the lights flashed at night, early mornings and on weekends, pedestrian signals — including the visual walk sign and audible sounds — were inactive.

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Now that the lights have been reverted, new overnight traffic signal timing plans will be tweaked in the coming months based on traffic data collected from the controllers at the changed locations.

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