Man pricked by uncapped needle in Victoria’s Beacon Hill Park: police

Click to play video: 'Victoria city council may reconsider 24/7 camping in downtown' Victoria city council may reconsider 24/7 camping in downtown
Victoria city council may reconsider 24/7 camping in downtown – Aug 21, 2020

Victoria police have issued a public warning after a man was pricked by a discarded needle in Beacon Hill Park.

The park is one of several in Victoria that have seen homeless encampments develop in recent months.

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Police say the man was walking along the park’s Chip Trail around 8:30 p.m. on Saturday when he stepped off the trail into a dirt area and “felt a pain in his foot.”

Victoria police say a man was pricked by this needle when he stepped off a trail in Beacon Hill Park on Saturday. Victoria police

It turned out he’d been pricked by an uncapped needle, said police.

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The man went to hospital to be checked out, where he reported the incident to police.

Earlier this month, Victoria police found a used syringe taped to a stairway railing in the park.

Last week, Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps said she was considering a ban on homeless encampments in the downtown core after police data showed a spike in property crime in the area in 2020.

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