New Brunswick election: Saint John Harbour

PC Arlene Dunn elected in Saint John Harbour in the 2020 election.

Riding background

Saint John Harbour is located in the south end of the city and the eastern portion of Lancaster.

The riding includes parts of Saint John east of Reversing Falls, Cedar Street and Harrington Street; west of Marsh Creek and Gooderich Street; south of the intersection of Thornbrough Street and Somerset Street and the Sandy Point Road.

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It switched back and forth between Liberal and Tory representatives in 2006, 2010 and 2014.

Liberal candidate Gerry Lowe bucked the trend in 2018 by retaining this seat for the Liberals.

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Before 2006, it was held by Elizabeth Weir, the longtime leader of the NDP.


Liberal: Alice McKim

  • Teacher at Saint John High School

Progressive Conservative: Arlene Dunn

  • ¬†Director of Canada’s Building Trades Unions

NDP: Courtney Pyrke

  • Co-founder of Free Local Independent Perspectives (FLIP) Saint John

Green: Brent Harris

  • Founder of the Saint John Tool Library

People’s Alliance: Tony Gunn

    • Former accountant for Irving Oil

Independent: Mike Cyr

Independent: Arty Watson

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Liberal candidate Gerry Lowe retained the seat for the Liberals after Liberal incumbent Ed Doherty decided not to re-offer. 

It was a close contest between Lowe and PC candidate Barry Ogden in 2018 with only 10 votes separating the two.

A recount backed up the initial results but Ogden applied to have them thrown out over irregularities. A judge dismissed the request on Aug. 23, 2019.


In the 2014 election, Liberal candidate Ed Doherty reclaimed the seat he had lost in 2010 to PC candidate Carl Killen.

The election was determined by a very close margin, with only 71 votes separating Doherty and Killen.


Liberal incumbent Ed Doherty was defeated by PC challenger Carl Killen in a race that came down to only seven votes.

Killen earned 30.7 per cent of the vote while Doherty earned 30.5 per cent.