New Brunswick election: Saint John East

Government House Leader and PC incumbent Savoie Glen retains Saint John East seat in the 2020 election.

Riding background

The riding covers the eastern portion of Saint John.

In 2018, PC incumbent Glen Savoie bucked the trend for the district, which has flipped between the Progressive Conservatives, the Liberals and the NDP over the last four decades.


Liberal: Phil Comeau

  • Chair of the Paramedic Association of Canada

Progressive Conservative: Glen Savoie (incumbent)

  • Served as Minister responsible for La Francophonie

NDP: Josh Floyd

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Green: Gerald Irish

People’s Alliance:  Patrick Kemp

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PC incumbent Glen Savoie retained the seat he won in a 2014 byelection. He earned 45.6 per cent of the vote. 

Savoie defeated Liberal candidate Clare Manzer, who raked in 26.8 per cent, and Matthew Thompson of the People’s Alliance, who earned 15.8 per cent.

2014 by-election

Only three weeks after Liberal candidate Gary Keating won in the 2014 general election, he would resign his seat, announcing that he had decided public political life was not for him as it would entail too much time away from his family.

The decision prompted a byelection in November 2014 that saw PC candidate Glen Savoie win the seat that he had lost by only nine votes in the general election.

Savoie’s win was much clearer in the byelection, capturing 44.3 per cent of the vote and defeating Liberal challenger Shelley Rinehart, who earned 27.8 per cent of the vote.

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The 2013 redistricting process saw the boundaries of Saint John East significantly altered.

Nearly half of the riding’s population was absorbed into the newly created Portland-Simonds district, with part of the abolished Saint John-Fundy riding replacing it.

Tory incumbent Glen Tait chose not to reoffer in the 2014 election.

Liberal candidate Gary Keating defeated PC candidate Glen Savoie in a hotly contested election.

Only nine votes would separate Keating and Tait after a judicial recount — the narrowest margin in the entire province.


PC candidate Glen Tait swung the seat from Liberal to Tory in the 2010 election after Liberal incumbent Roly MacIntyre decided to not re-offer.

Tait won the riding with 37.9 per cent of the vote, defeating Liberal candidate Kevin McCarville. who earned 33.1 per cent.