New Brunswick election: Moncton East

PC Daniel Allain defeats Liberal incumbent in Moncton East riding in the 2020 election.

Riding background

The 2013 redistricting process created a new riding that shared the name of Moncton East, but dramatically reshaped the boundaries of the district.

The riding contains parts of the former ridings of Moncton East, Moncton Crescent, Dieppe Centre-Lewisville, Memramcook-Lakeville-Dieppe and Kent South.

The district of Moncton East includes the northeastern parts of the city of Moncton, as well as neighbouring suburban communities northeast of Moncton, stretching into the edge of Kent County.


Liberal: Monique LeBlanc (incumbent)

Progressive Conservative: Daniel Allain

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NDP: Christopher Wanamaker

Green: Phylomene Zangio

People’s Alliance: Michel Norman Guitare



Liberal candidate Monique LeBlanc retained her seat in 2018, earning 46.8 per cent of the vote. 

LeBlanc defeated PC candidate Marty Kingston, who earned 35.8 per cent of the vote.


Liberal candidate Monique LeBlanc defeated PC candidate Jane Mitton-MacLean in the 2014 election. 


Moncton Crescent, Kent South and Peticodiac elected PC representatives in the 2010 election while Moncton East, Dieppe Centre-Lewisville and Memramcook-Lakeville-Dieppe elected Liberal candidates.

Liberal incumbent Chris Collins retained the seat of Moncton East in the 2010 election, defeating PC candidate Karen Nelson.