Slow down: SPVM launches new safety campaign to quell spike in deadly road collisions

Global News

Slow down and follow the rules. That is the message from the SPVM’s latest safety campaign calling on road users to share the road safely.

As of Tuesday, Montreal police started making their presence known on popular street corners across the city.

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The force launched the new campaign in a bid to quell a recent spike in incidents on Montreal streets.

During the month of July, road collisions led to six deaths and about 15 serious injuries, according to traffic officer Nathalie Valois.

“Right now we want to send a message: the most important thing is to respect the rules.”

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On Wednesday, police handed out pamphlets and 27-page safety booklets to cyclists and pedestrians at the busy Des Pins and Parc Ave intersection.

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Valois says amid the coronavirus pandemic, police have noticed a higher volume of more vulnerable road users this summer.

The campaign aims to stress the importance of adopting safe behaviours while behind the wheel, particularly at intersections, where a majority of accidents occur.

“By the end of the summer there will still be a lot of cyclists, a lot of pedestrians and drivers need to be aware of that and they need to adjust their driving,” Valois said.

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While drivers are usually to blame, Valois says all road users have a role to play when it comes to public road safety.

Valois says police will be targeting certain habits to remind and warn users of the dangers and penalties. Motorists must give way to pedestrians and cyclists at intersections. Pedestrians must cross the street only at intersections or crosswalks and cyclists must stop at red lights.


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