Responders honoured for saving drowning 5-year-old girl in Prince Albert

Responders honoured for saving drowning 5-year-old girl in Saskatchewan
WATCH: Two bystanders were honoured in Prince Albert on Friday, after they saved a 5-year-old girl from drowning in a hotel pool.

Two bystanders were honoured in Prince Albert, Sask., on Friday, after they saved a five-year-old girl from drowning at a hotel pool.

Traylynn McCallun was found unresponsive in the pool at the Prince Albert Inn on July 14, according to Parkland Ambulance Care.

According to paramedics, one man jumped in to save her, and a woman performed CPR on the child with the help of a dispatcher.

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The bystanders weren’t able to make the ceremony, but for the first responders who took over, they say it’s a relief to see the little girl doing well.

She was all smiles as they gave her a care package of toys and temporary tattoos, and let her check out their ambulance Friday.

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Danielle Henry was the dispatcher who helped talk the woman through CPR, something she says she does often.

“It’s an honour to be here today, seeing that little girl,” she said.

“It was quite uplifting when we found out when they arrived on scene she was waking up. It was a really good day, because we don’t get a lot of those when somebody isn’t breathing.”

This wasn’t Traylynn’s first encounter with paramedics; earlier this summer they had to be called after she got her leg stuck in her bike.

Now, it’s as if nothing happened as she runs around their station.

Another paramedic recently faced a situation of her own.

Last week, she said was at the lake with her husband and three sons. They were at a marina there when her six-year-old fell in the water.

Luckily her 12-year-old jumped in to save his brother.

“He’s the hero of the day,” said Sherri Morrison.

“He knew enough to recognize the urgency and to run faster than me and scoop him up out of the water very quick.”

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She said her oldest has been taking swimming lessons, something she credits for his fast thinking.

Morrison says these accidents can happen to anyone, even if parents look away for a second. She stresses the importance of swimming lessons, and teaching kids about water safety.

Paramedics say it’s important for parents to keep an eye on their kids around bodies of water.