Calgary’s caped crusader: An unsung superhero emerges amid COVID-19

Calgary’s own caped crusader: unsung superhero emerges during COVID-19
WATCH: You could call her Calgary’s very own superhero. A Calgary mom has strapped on a cape on a mission to help others during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lauren Pullen reports.

Spare time isn’t really something Ashley Cardinal is used to.

Taking her three kids to dance and hockey along with two jobs and all sorts of volunteer work – almost every moment is accounted for.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, she, like many other Calgarians, was out of work and all those extra curriculars were gone. But instead of letting it get her down, she decided she needed to pick people up – one good deed at a time.

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So Cardinal strapped on a superhero cape (literally) to become Calgary’s very own version of Bat Girl. Her superpower: spreading smiles.

She’s helped dozens of Calgarians — many of them complete strangers — doing everything from picking up prescriptions to buying and dropping off groceries and other deliveries.

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“It’s one less stress for people to worry about, when the entire world is worried about so many things. It’s just doing what you can to help people and find that purpose.”

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Brittany Luoma is one of the grateful recipients of Cardinal’s generosity. She’s received several care packages, groceries and treats for Luoma’s son, Legend.

“She’s just been a light during this dark time.”

“It’s been hard – we found out we’re expecting and my boyfriend broke his collarbone and we had some issues with EI,” Lumoa said.

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And while Cardinal does all her good deeds without expecting anything in return, Luoma wanted to shine a little spotlight on her everyday superhero. So, she emailed Global News.

“This woman has the biggest heart,” the email reads. “And let me tell you some days she is the only thing putting a smile on my face.”

As she listened to Lumoa read the email aloud, the pair couldn’t help but get emotional.

“Those words were far beyond what I expected to hear today and that’s just amazing,” Cardinal said with a tear-filled smile.

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And while Cardinal is now back to work, she is still doing all sorts of pickups and drop offs – anytime she sees the bat signal.