Gordie Howe Sports Complex chair hoping for 2021 opening

Click to play video: 'Gordie Howe Sports Complex chair hoping for 2021 opening' Gordie Howe Sports Complex chair hoping for 2021 opening
WATCH: Construction is expected to resume on the Gordie Howe Sports Complex in the next few weeks. – Jun 14, 2020

There is still plenty to do to complete the project, but they can finally see the finish line at the Gordie Howe Sports Complex in Saskatoon, says the complex’s chair.

Once completed, the complex will be home to the Saskatoon Minor Football Field, a softball stadium, two baseball fields, several slow pitch diamonds, a field for lacrosse, an indoor training facility and an outdoor track (that is rated third in North America) to be used for speed skating and cross-country skiing in the winter.

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“The amount of athletes coming here yearly will be over 100,000,” says Gordie Howe Sports Complex chair Bryan Kosteroski.

“With spectators and athletes coming year-round… the different venues we have, and nine different sporting bodies working with us, it’s easy to accomplish.”

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The building that will house the track and bleachers still needs to get build, but Kosteroski is hoping to make major progress in its construction this summer. The building will also include dressing rooms for the baseball diamonds and a concession.

“We are hoping to go back into construction mode in the next three to five weeks. That will be a major component. Added to that will be stands inserted for speed skating and track, and then also new stands and Cairns and Leakos fields”.

They are hoping the complex will be completed in the fall of 2021. After nearly nine years and at a cost of $66 million, they can finally see the finish line and the completion of the project, but they still have to have one final push in fundraising.

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“We’re in our last phase of our fundraising. We have about $5.5 million to raise, so we’re in that phase right now, and we are actively out and about. We know that right now the economy is not the best, but we are looking for long-term commitments and long-term partnerships here.”

More information on the facility, and how you can donate, can be found here.


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