New Brunswickers encouraged to renew licences, registrations and permits

The New Brunswick legislature in Fredericton on May 10, 2020. Megan Yamoah/Global News

People with licences, registrations, certificates and permits that had their expiration dates extended until the end of June due to the coronavirus pandemic are being encouraged to renew their documents now, according to the province. 

“The majority of licences, registrations, certificates and permits can be renewed online or through Teleservices,” Service New Brunswick Minister Sherry Wilson said in a statement.

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Wilson is recommending that drivers renew their documents well before the expiry date, allowing at least 14 days for processing the delivery by mail.

“Waiting until the end of June may cause delays,” she said.

The province said Service New Brunswick has been increasing the number of services it offers online and through Teleservices, especially for some of its most requested renewals, such as driver’s licences.

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The province said in May that approximately 31,000 New Brunswickers who have not been able to renew their licences as a result of COVID-19 restrictions were going to able to do so online.

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“Online and Teleservices are the most accessible, safe and convenient service methods,” said Wilson. “Based upon the significant increase in these methods, we believe New Brunswickers are embracing them.”

There are 12 centres offering in-person services, by appointment only, that cannot be completed online or through Teleservices.

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