Drive-in theatres in Manitoba make a comeback during COVID-19 pandemic

DRIVE IN MOVIE. Frank Whitney / Getty Images

Phase 2 of reopening saw the rebirth of a popular pastime in Manitoba: drive-in movie theatres.

Those who miss going to the movies were able to get their fix on Friday in Morden when Stardust Drive-In screened its first movie last night.

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Co-owner of the drive-in, Marlene Nelson, said the movie sold out of 75 online and 25 at-the-gate tickets.

“It’s bittersweet, but we did have to turn some people away last night,” she said.

There are still restrictions in place for movie-goers, which Nelson said required an all hands on deck approach.

The province is still enforcing social distancing, so employees at Stardust worked to make sure vehicles were six feet apart.

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Nelson said a popular method of getting comfortable while watching outdoor movies — backing in and opening up your trunk or sitting in your truck bed — is also not allowed.

“It’s not by our choice, but it’s just necessary at this time,” Nelson said.

Movie theatres as we knew them aren’t set to reopen until Phase 3 of the province’s Restoring Safe Services plan, which allegedly won’t be put in place any sooner than June 21.

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