Calgary-born artists collaborate on virtual concert for charity

Calgary musicians band together to raise money for local charities
WATCH: Calgary-born-and-raised musicians will come together at the end of June for a free, online concert to benefit five local charities. Deb Matejicka reports

Calgary-born-and-raised musicians will come together on June 27 for the Calgary Heart Beats charity concert.

The concert will be streamed free online and raise funds to benefit five local charities.

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“Calgary is my hometown and will always be my hometown,” said singer-songwriter Lindsay Ell, who will join the likes of Paul Brandt, Kiesza, Loverboy, The Dudes, Reuben and the Dark, and Tate McRae.

“We are all coming together to just bring so much good into the world because the world needs it right now.”

Reuben Bullock of Reuben and the Dark said his band is currently spread out across Canada and the United States but they are working on something special for the concert.

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“Calgary is so important to me. The people in Calgary are some of the closest, most dearest friends and fans. I think I just want to make it known that I’m there with everybody and we’re going through this together and we’re going to do what we can,” Bullock said.

“I think to just be a voice of togetherness, and people need things right now to help them feel inspired and to give hope.”

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The concert’s goal is to raise $1 million for charities Fresh Start Recovery, #NotInMyCity, Homes for Heroes Foundation, Calgary Health Trust and the Calgary Emergency Women’s Shelter.

“We can do it. I couldn’t do it,” said Danny Vacon of The Dudes.

“I mean, I can’t do it but [Calgarians] can do it with our help,” he said.

“A lot of these charities have special places in my heart so it’s really nice to be at a place where my voice, our voice as a band and the music we create can be a part of an event like this,” said Bullock.

Donations are already being accepted online and will also be accepted by ordering directly through partnering restaurants on the day of the concert.

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“[Donations are] the sort of investment where it won’t show in your bank account, but oh my God, the intangible things,” Vacon said.
“You’ll end up carrying your head a little higher [and] people will treat you [differently]. Being a good person has enormous benefits.”