Increased demand for backyard oasis as Manitobans stay in for the summer

Click to play video: 'Landscaping, home renos boom in Winnipeg during pandemic'
Landscaping, home renos boom in Winnipeg during pandemic
"I would say we've quadrupled our business this year." Landscapers and those selling patio and garden supplies say business is way up as people look for projects to keep them busy during the pandemic. Global's Malika Karim reports – May 29, 2020

With the novel coronavirus halting any summer travel plans outside of Manitoba, many residents are looking to spruce up their backyards to create a relaxing space to hang out with the family.

“I’ve been working at home for a while, been spending lots of time in the backyard,” Winnipeg resident Joel Hildebrand said.

“It was a big mess for a while.”

From getting sod put in to pergolas and decks, the more time being spent at home has driven up the demand for backyard maintenance.

Homeowner Ricky Brar noted that getting a hold of contractor to build his backyard oasis was harder than imagined.

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“Trying to get someone to come and get it done was a pretty big challenge,” Brar said.

“It seems like everyone is busy and everybody has the same [thought] as us, trying to get the landscaping done while you’re at home.”

Contractors and businesses in the Winnipeg area confirm the demand.

“I would say we’ve quadrupled our business this year,” Emerald Isle Lawn Care & Landscaping owner Gerard Ryan said.

“I had to buy a second vehicle; I’ve hired two extra guys and we’re working Saturdays and Sundays. There’s no rest for the wicked.”

“It’s patio furniture, it’s BBQ’s, above ground pools which are unbelievably selling quickly,” Krevco Lifestyles owner, Don Carson said.

Manitobans are also looking to stock up on supplies for do-it-yourself projects.

“We can’t keep the soil in the yard, it’s the new toilet paper craze that’s going on right now,” Selkirk Soil and Aggregate owner, Joanne Brown said.

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“Our top soil sales are at least triple. I have two full time guys right now working steady making bags. We can’t keep up with it.”

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Options exist for navigating Manitoba gathering limits

Families are looking forward to spending time outside of the house in their new backyards and not worrying about leaving the safety of their homes.

“We got a couple of decks being built, and a pond, and a couple of swings for the kids,” Brar said.

“Trying to making it exciting for them.”

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