Online shopping hacks: The best shopping discounts in Canada right now

Click to play video: 'The best online fashion deals' The best online fashion deals
Style expert Natalie Sexton shares her top online fashion deals – May 19, 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to force Canadians to stay home, many have turned to online shopping.

In a recent segment for Global News’ Morning Show, style expert Natalie Sexton shared some of the best ways shoppers can make use of online deals during the pandemic.

“Follow your favourite brands on social media,” she said. “Generally you’re going to find out the latest promotion going on [and the] latest deals.”

She also suggests creating a new “shopping email” address to sign up for promotions and discounts on your favrourite brand’s website. This way, you won’t miss a deal and you won’t flood your personal inbox either.

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But the biggest tip she offers is paying attention to a company’s return policy.

With the pandemic, Sexton adds, some people are wary about shopping online, but some retailers, she adds, have very clear guidelines on returning items in a safe way.

“[Brands] are also offering longer times now,” she said. “Before it was 30 days … but now we’re seeing 60 to 90 days.”

What to buy right now

And while it may seem like fashion brands are offering discounts after discounts in the last few months, Sexton says there are certain items you should actually invest in for your spring/summer wardrobe.

For those looking for the basics, she recommends a light-weight tee. “Add some colour into your wardrobe … look for cotton,” she said, adding we should avoid outfits that require dry cleaning.

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She found a suitable t-shirt at Giant Tiger for $6.

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She also recommends dressy jogging pants for home and even some summer outerwear from brands like Noize, which often has discounts for Canadians shoppers.

For those of you looking for staple items, start with a denim jacket.

“H&M has some fantastic sales alerted through e-mail … for under $50,” she said.

Sexton says some patterns like polka dots, floral and graphic prints are also on sale at various retailers.

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And besides clothes, many companies from auto insurance to streaming services to books and music are all offering deals during the pandemic.

For more online fashion deals, watch the full video above.

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